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Cubs Fans Can Write Joe Maddon a Thank You Note at His Restaurant

Cubs fans who want to thank Joe Maddon for his impact on the organization can write him a thank you note, the Chicago Tribune reports.

The staff at Maddon’s Post, located on the corner of Clark and Waveland, put a special mailbox in the restaurant earlier this week.

“We wanted to find a way to allow people to connect with Joe or stay connected to Joe,” Tara Zavagnin, the restaurant’s director of operations, told Paul Sullivan of the Tribune. “I think this hard push on it will exist through the next few days, but in general it’s just a great sentiment. Joe will always have a strong influence on this restaurant.”

Maddon did not get a proper send off with fans at Wrigley, because the Cubs were still in contention during the final home series against the Cardinals.

Post cards from fans began piling up Tuesday afternoon, the Chicago Tribune reports.

Ownership said they do not expect the name of the restaurant to change just because Maddon will be in a different uniform next year.

“His name is still on the windows and still on the doors here,” Zavagvin said. “This is still a piece of him. He’ll definitely be back here as much as he can be. Whatever happens these next few months, we’ll see.”

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